Project Data Auditor, Writer/Editor based in Portland, OR


Mary Joaquin is a writer who graduated from Portland State University as Magna Cum Laude with a Bachelor of Arts in English and a minor in Writing.
Whenever she can she dabbles in fiction from books, movies, and video games.
She is currently a Field Support Specialist Lead for Mobile Technologies Inc.


last updated: 26 Jun 2021

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Published under Portland State Vanguard as International News writer.


Published under Esports and Game Design (EGD) Collective as Writing Intern from Aug to Dec 2020.

Special Projects:
Celebrating 4 Years of EGD

Weekly Round-Up: weekly segment on gaming industry news.

Monthly Wrap-Up: monthly summary of news tackled in Weekly Round-Up.
October, November

Published under Esports and Game Design (EGD) Collective as Staff Editor from Feb 2021 onwards.

Special Project:
EGD Journalism Team Style Guide

Weekly Gaming Round-Up

Monthly Wrap-Up

To Be @ EGD: testimonial series

Kenny Niles


Unpublished spec works written for Careers for Writing Majors (WR394) class purposes.

About Page
Product Writing


Unpublished short stories written for Fiction Writing class purposes.

The Legend of the Blinded Beloved
The First Wish


Essays written as an undergraduate student at Portland State University.

On Communication
On Diversity, Equity, and Social Justice